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Child Safety – Its what we do!


Location is the key to a child’s safety. Monitoring where the child is at any point of time is key to ensuring the overall well being of the child.


When something bad is about to happen, an action is needed to prevent it. We help generate notifications and alerts for relevant people at the correct time so that everyone associated with the child jumps into action and helps save them.


Location Data is huge. Analyzing it in the right way can help find patterns and anomalies which can not only help save children but also help identify their interests, aptitude and brighten their futures. Our near-real-time analytics does all of that, and more!

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How we do it?

Turn Key Solutions

We are not sellers of hardware or software. We provide solutions to problems. All aspects of the solution, from connectivity to hardware and software, are bundled together seamlessly so that you, the end customer, don’t have to think twice before signing up.


Building something is great, but what is better is maintaining it and ensuring that you the customer always feel delight. We have developed a support structure where every query gets answered and every problem gets solved. Don’t believe us? Call us today!

Evolution 1.0

We have made some amazing solutions around child security and the backbone of all these solutions is one single platform – Evolution 1.0. It is an agile, hardware agnostic, future ready IoT analytics platform which helps us do amazing things!

Child Safety with Evoxyz

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Who we are?

A group of people passionate about solving day to day problems with technology! Our flagship product Evoschool has revolutionised the way schools and teachers interact with parents.

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Evoschool is an advanced suite of products from Evoxyz for Schools and Parents. It focuses on School-Parent communication, Child Safety, School Management and Automation.

Evoschool Indoor Location Tracking

Some of Our Recent Esteemed customers

SK Pranami School Karnal
MRV Kids Paradise
Cradle to Crayons

Our Team

Vinod Sood - Mentor and Advisor to Evoxyz

Vinod Sood : Managing Director – Hughes Systique

With 30+ years of experience in global technology ecosystem with leading organizations like Hughes Group , Flextronics and C-DOT, Vinod is someone who leads by inspiring and mentoring us. He is a member on the Advisory Board of IISC ( Delhi Univ) and has been a member of CII and Chairman of
RMC-TIFAC-Core (Dept. of science and technology). He has also mentored multitude of successful startups which include OYO Rooms and Calipso.

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Leveraging technology for child safety, the Evoxyz vision

Child safety has become a societal epidemic and all of us should do whatever we can to eradicate it from the root. Evoxyz an IoT tech startup is committed for this cause. They talk about how they are using technology to make a difference.

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