Evoschool - Child Security and Location Tracking

Evoschool is a an always-on child security, location tracking and communication platform between a school, its teachers, students and their parents. From the moment a child leaves home to the moment it reaches back from school, Evoschool monitors the child for safety, security and general well being. In addition, it automates school academics and administration tasks.

Evoschool is also available for PlaySchools as Evoplayschool.


In-vehicle location

  • GPS tracking for school vehicles.
  • Tracking of individual students within the buses with information about their boarding, disembarking and so on.
  • Mobile app for parents to view the school bus in real time when on trip.
  • Integrated dashboard for school administration to view all school buses
  • Configurable notifications to school administrators and parents about bus routes, delays and any other information.

In-School tracking

  • Tracking of individual students within the school to ensure their attendance within classes, general well-being and any avoidance of any untoward incident.
  • Automatic attendance logging on entering the school. 
  • Logging of entry and exit time of the school.
  • Anomaly detection with patented algorithms to find out any behavioral changes or issues with the child's well being.
  • Integrated dashboards for schools with analytics insights to know about behavior of children as a group and individually.

Evoschool Lite

Computerization of all school communication to parents and students such as homework, circulars, assessment results and so on. The parents get a customized school app to view their wards current status in the school and the school teachers use the Evoschool web or mobile interface to send communication thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.


Indoor Location Tracking in Evoschool and EvoPlaySchool