What Are Evotags

Evotags are Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons which are used by the child safety system of Evoxyz Technologies to monitor kids in school at all times and raise alerts as needed.

An Evotag is an ID card shaped wearable device for school kids which monitors their location within the school and the school transport. Evotags transmit location information to Evoxyz servers where this data is analysed in near real time to detect possible threats or issues and alarms to school management are raised in real time.

Evoxyz Technologies has pioneered the usage of Bluetooth Low Energy technology in the field of child safety. Unlike traditional RFID or other technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy is new, more accurate and helps continuous monitoring in real time. Evotags are used in conjunction with Evoschool, the student information and management system from Evoxyz.

Outdoor Location Management

In this scenario, Evotags worn by children are used to detect which bus they are in and automatic alerts are sent to parents as the bus moves (leaving school, reaching back school) and on boarding and disembarkation of the child. The system detects any anomaly in the system (child disembarking at the wrong stop, bus being stopped for too long or child boarding the wrong bus) and alerts the school authorities to it immediately so that action could be taken and any mishap could be prevented.


In-vehicle location

  • Real Time GPS tracking for school vehicles.
  • Tracking of individual students within the buses with information about their boarding, disembarking and so on.
  • Mobile app for parents to view the school bus in real time when on trip.
  • Integrated dashboard for school administration to view all school buses
  • Configurable notifications to school administrators and parents about bus routes, delays and any other information.
  • Analytics reports for anomalies.

Indoor Location Management

In this scenario, Evotags worn by children are used to monitor their location inside the school. At any time, the system knows where a child is (even in areas not covered by CCTV such as washrooms). The system can alert the school security in case there is an anomaly in the location of the child (such as taking too long in the washroom, alone near the swimming pool area and so on). Unlike CCTV which is hard to monitor 24x7 and has become more of an evidence collection technology, Evotags help in raising alerts in real time so that the child can get help and no mishaps occur.

In-School tracking

  • Tracking of individual students within the school to ensure their attendance within classes, general well-being and any avoidance of any untoward incident.
  • Automatic attendance logging on entering the school. 
  • Logging of entry and exit time of the school.
  • Anomaly detection with patented algorithms to find out any behavioral changes or issues with the child's well being.
  • Integrated dashboards for schools with analytics insights to know about behaviour of children as a group and individually.

Make your schools a safe place for children

Be a part of this child safety initiative. Join hands with Evoxyz in making your school a location enabled safe school.

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