Evolution 1.0 is a contextual analytics platform for computing micro location within indoor premises.You have the power to build Your own solution For a bussiness problem using evolution 1.0 that provides precise Indoor Location, Actionable Insigits And Triggers To Be Delieverd To Your Phones Or Companion Software.

Why Evolution 1.0 ?

  • Accuracy – Evolution 1.0 uses patented algorithms to calculate extremely precise location.
  • Agility – Evolution 1.0 is future proof and ready for the IoT devices of the next generation. It is capable of handling large amounts of data that the devices of tomorrow will produce.
  • Hardware Agnostic – Evolution 1.0 is agnostic to the technology uses by the IoT and location sensing devices. It has adapters for different devices and using a new devices is as easy as making a new adapter.
  • Predictive Analytics – Evolution 1.0 has a predictive data analytics engine which can co-relate multiple data sources, join them and provide actionable insights in the current context in near real time.

  • Ingest iBeacon/RF/Eddystone/Biometric data to calculate precise location
  • Built-in data analytics engine and support for plugging in new analytics functions and algorithms
  • Near-Real time stream analytics
  • Mobile SDKs (iOS/Android) for enabling notifications and location tracking on the go
  • Support for push/pull